Women who complete Protsahan’s vocational training, have seen their income rise by 60%

Kamalini, which is the Sanskrit word for lotus, is also the name of the Delhi- based NGO Protsahan’s primary project. Protsahan’s founders believe that women are the key to a thriving future for their family and community. To help women thrive, in 2007, Protsahan set up Kamalini, which is a vocational training center targeted at migrant women, school drop outs and domestic workers. Through courses like tailoring, computers, handicrafts etc., Kamalini opens up an income source for women; which has the positive, spiral effect of them being able to partially support the needs of their families, earning family’s respect, and giving their self-confidence a boost.What’s interesting is how the three women came together to be part of EDI itself.

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How it all began at Protsahan

In view of the pitiful situation in which many underprivileged women live in the NCR, three female members of Educational & Development Initiatives (EDI), a registered society to promote social values among the youth, – Maria Mendes, Monica Rita De Souza, and J.J. Kunnacheery – started a new organization dedicated only for underprivileged women.

What’s interesting is how the three women came together to be part of EDI itself. Monica, who was born and brought up in Brazil, had her family origins in

  • El Shaddai Charitable Trust
  • . She recalls, during her visits to India, as a child, the poverty she saw made her decide that she would come back one day to work for a social cause.

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    • Other than vocational training, Kamalini exposes its beneficiaries to various competitions in cooking etc
    • Kamalini collaborated with NIIT for its computer course. NIIT conducts exams and certifies the beneficiaries
    • Certificates received for vocational training
    • Bags, pouches and other utilities made by the beneficiaries of Kamalini Vocational Training center. They have been certified for the quality.
    • Handicrafts which are sold in the NGOs exhibitions and also online shops of Kamalini.
    • Beneficiaries show their work in tailoring and handicrafts.

    Volunteering Opportunities at Protsahan

    Kamalini requires committed and dedicated volunteers, who can teach basic computers, at their Kishangarh center. They also requires volunteers to conduct surveys, do promotions, and undertake creative work like designing posters etc. All opportunities can be done during the week or over weekends. Those interested should send across an email to

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